The businessman of 38 years who has plastered every inch of his home in Khan pictures and spent his honeymoon on hold at the house of the actor in Mumbai, hoping to catch a glimpse of his idol.

"I will do everything that will make Shah Rukh Khan happy," Singh, who runs a business of homeopathic medicine in Lucknow, told Reuters.

Singh House is a sanctuary of Khan. There are carvings of Khan on the pillows, ceiling and even television. Singh has even changed its name to Vishahrukh Khan.

"Nobody can be like Shah Rukh Khan, but I wanted my name to get his name. My children are named Aryan and Simran, which is the name of his son," he said. Simran is the female lead in One of the greatest films of Khan.

His family was initially less than impressed with his king star, Singh said.

"My parents were very worried about me, but now I know that my love for Shah Rukh will never end," he added.

Khan has met several times to his fans, including honeymoon Singh, when Singh drove more than 1,300 kilometers (810 miles) with his wife in Mumbai. Khan is back for more, even though he promised to visit the house of Singh.

"I wanted to open a store of homeopathic medicines, but I will not open before Shah Rukh comes and cuts the ribbon," he said.

Khan, 46, is one of the most revered stars of India, and his latest film, "Ra.One" opened a sale during the festival of Diwali last week. Singh watch the movie for the fourth time in a week on Wednesday, which is the anniversary of Khan.

"We cut the cake, dancing and watching movies. Celebrate love," he said.

(Reporting Pawan Kumar Lucknow, additional reporting and writing, Shilpa Jamkhandikar in Mumbai; Assembly by Matthias Williams and Elaine Lies)