Marriage has broken down: Rupert mrduk

News Corporation and the leading media company owned by media mogul Rupert mrduk get a divorce from his third wife, Wendy Deng has filed a claim.Steven rubnstyn mrduk spokesman told the news agency AFP said, 'Yes, I can confirm that he drhuast this morning in the New York State Supreme Court.They also said that their marriage has broken down and re-restore it there is no hope.Mrduk and Wendy's wedding was held in New York in 1999. These two girls are Greases and Kilo.

NREGA mrduk wife Wendy came into the headlines in 2011 when, during a hearing on phone hacking attack on a man tried mrduk Wendy pulled down, and her husband was saved from the attack.The 82-year-old mrduk met Wendy in 1997 and two years later they were married. Generation of Chinese mrduk Wendy Deng is the third wife.New York Times media reporter Amy cuzك told by a Tweet that the application for divorce that the marriage relationship has a crack which can not be filled. "Robert pystn our correspondent says compromise between both been married before and had money part of their children are also covered.So says our correspondent that the divorce mrduk on media monarchy's grip will not weaken.Forbes estimated his wealth of Rupert mrduk have nine decimal four billion U.S. dollars.It mrduk time before the divorce had to pay a heavy price to $ 1.7 billion.Rupert at the age of 44, Deng is 38 years his junior. They graduated from Yale University. Later mrduk Hong Kong's Star TV channel, he got a job and met them for the first time here was Rupert mrduk. Wendy Deng mrduk media has been playing an important role in business.

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